REVISITED: What I Expect from the Star Wars Trailer

Ok, so now that the unbelievably awesome trailer for The Force Awakens has been released, I have decided to revisit my list of things I thought we could possibly see (or not see).

Some spoilers may follow. Proceed with caution.

1. Extended Dialogue

This was pretty much a given, but we did get more dialogue from characters such as Rey, Finn, Han, Kylo Ren, and perhaps Maz Kanata. The female voice at the beginning and at the end both sounded to me like Lupita Nyong’o so I’m going to say that, yes, we did hear Maz Kanata.

2. Exposition and Story

Ok, so we got a little bit in terms of story but not too muchThe things we can extrapolate from the dialogue and visuals are as follows:

  • Rey is a loner and a scavenger on Jakku, the desert planet. She is perhaps an orphan.
  • Finn was born to be a Stormtrooper but has decided to leave that path.
  • The Jedi are basically a legend, similarly to in Episode IV. Han has to tell the young’ons that it’s all true.
  • Kylo Ren is obsessed with Darth Vader and wants to complete what he started, presumably, but not definitely, eradicating the Jedi.

3. New Characters

So we did get a couple new characters. I’m pretty sure in the scene where Poe pats Finn on the shoulder when it pans across and you see the Falcon in the background, over Finn’s left shoulder is Ello Asty. I think. Also, we get a touching look at Leia hugging Han Solo perhaps for the first time in a long time.

4. John Williams Score

Oh man, did we ever. The Han and Leia theme that played during the Falcon’s evasion of the TIE Fighters was magical and almost brought a tear to my eye. Ok it might have brought a tear to my eye. OK FINE. It definitely brought a tear to my eye. I can’t wait to hear the entirety of the score.

5. No Luke Skywalker

This had been out there for a while that we may not get our first look at Luke until the 17th of December. But seeing the poster reaffirmed it for me. If Luke isn’t on the Poster it’s a good bet they don’t want to spoil his appearance. They don’t have to. Same goes for Snoke, the character played by Andy Serkis.


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