Day 2: 25 Days of #MerryBEERmas Movie Pairings

Day 2 of 25 day of #MerryBEERmas! I gotta tell ya, we’re excited to bring this to y’all. Beer is one of our favorite things [go workout!] and so is CHRISTMAS. This movie and beer pairing isn’t exactly representing the Christmas spirit, but you just can’t beat the scene with snow [wink wink]. We hope you enjoy this duo, and come back for more!

December 2nd Cool Runnings

Lone Pint Yellow Rose

Ah Cool Runnings. The most quotable family film revolving around Jamaican bobsledders since…well probably ever (maybe). Cool Runnings involves 3 former sprinters and a former push car champion in Jamaica who fail to qualify for the Olympics. As it turns out, if you’re any kind of athlete, you can be a bobsledder (see Sam McGuffie). So they go and find John Candy, a disgraced former bobsled coach, to help them train for the Olympics as bobsledders. He reluctantly accepts and trains them, skeptically, but eventually becomes the coach they need as he leads them to the Winter Olympics where they eventually win over the respect of other bobsled teams.

For this film, I have chosen to pair the Lone Pint Yellow Rose. The Lone Pint Yellow Rose is a beer that is a “Houston” local favorite for me. In fact, I drank one earlier today. It starts as a very bright but bitter beer, brought on by the Mosaic hop, with a very malty finish. If you think about it, Cool Runnings is very similar to this beer. It starts off bright like the bright Jamaican sun, with parallels to the bitterness other teams showed toward the Jamaican team at the Olympics. The comforting and inspiring maltiness along with the smooth finish reminds of the slow clap after the bobsled team picks up their crashed sled at the end.

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