Day 6: 25 Days of #MerryBEERmas Movie and Beer Pairing

This evening I have chosen a more enigmatic film for some, but one of my personal favorites to watch. I do not view it as a perfect movie, especially considering the other two in the series, but it is still worth a watch. That’s, right. I am talking about Dark Knight Rises. I have paired this film with a Mountain Standard Double Black IPA because both the movie and beer share a darkness and grittiness that satisfies. Stay tuned for more pairings!

December 6th Dark Knight Rises

Odell Brewing Mountain Standard Double Black IPA

Dark Knight Rises is another movie I love to watch during the holidays because of its dark tone and because all comic book movies make me think of the holidays for some strange reason. I think it’s the fact that they are all in some way cartoony, which I always associate with Christmas. Idk, guys. Just go along. Dark Knight Rises is the third film in the Bale Batman series. The move centers around Batman and anti-hero, Catwoman, as they fight against Bane and his army of followers hell-bent on anarchizing and essentially destroying Gotham. Still with me? If you can get past the garbled speech of Bane and understand how awesomely conceived the character is, I think you can really enjoy this film.

I have decided to pair this film with a Black IPA from Odell called Mountain Standard. This beer is one I would call nutty, presumably from the charred grains used to make it the dark color that you see in the glass. This beer pairs perfectly with most movies, admittedly, but I feel that the Dark Knight Rises is especially perfect for a few reasons. Typically, with comic book movies you have a lighter movie with funny moments and amusing, cartoony, mustache twirling villains. However, with this movie, you have a darker and more serious take on a traditionally goofy genre. One might say it’s unexpected, exactly like this beer! Mountain Standard is an IPA in every sense of the word, but it is dark instead of the typical golden color you would normally expect. Such poetry, huh? Enjoy this brew at any time of the day, as this beer really is mellowed by the charred wheat.


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