Day 8: 25 days of #MerryBEERmas Movie and Beer Pairings

Welcome back to #BrewsdayTuesday! We’re back with part 8 of our #MerryBEERmas movie and beer pairings and for this one we have a very sweet pairing to go with what I consider a great and amusing Christmas movie. We hope you are enjoying this series we are doing and want you to make sure you go check out Bombshells and Brews, a fitness and lifestyle blog run by my fiancee.

December 8th: The Santa Clause

Karbach BBH with Vanilla

The Santa Clause is a movie from my childhood about a divorced father of 1 who is sort of a jerk and somehow ends up becoming Santa Claus himself (and the oscar goes to…). Tim Allen plays Scott Calvin, a man with a elementary school son named Charlie who is persuaded into believing  Santa Claus is a FAKE. Charlie is sent to Scott’s house for Christmas where they have an admittedly bad Christmas Eve night. But after Scott reads the Night Before Christmas to Charlie, they discover Santa on their roof. Santa falls off the roof and Scott is deemed the new Santa by the bylaws that apparently go with being Santa. Scott, initially skeptical, becomes a great Santa and embraces the joy of the job. Then he gets arrested and other things happen, but that’s the main gist.

I have paired this movie with a sweet beer with a great aftertaste. BBH with vanilla will give you the second most pure vanilla taste from a beer  other than Southern Tier Creme Brulee. BBH with vanilla is sweet but not over the top. The beer rivals chocolate chip cookie batter before you throw the chocolate chips in. I have decided to pair this beer with the Santa Clause because of one particular scene in the movie! Tim Allen is finally taking his job as Santa seriously, and has son Charlie by his side. Charlie and a few of the other elves made a couple of modifications to his sleigh: a cookie dispenser. A CHOCOLATE CHIP cookie dispenser. How’s that for symmetry!? Anyway, this beer will not leave you overpowered and is a great sipper to enjoy while the kids sip hot chocolate!

Enjoy the beer & movie!

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