The Day 10 and 11: 25 days of #MerryBEERmas Movie and Beer Pairings

We are going back in time for this edition of Merry Beermas as we look at two movies that almost obligatorily have to be watched together. I’m talking about Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph. Life got in the way of my making a post yesterday so I thought I would give you two for the price of one! Enjoy!

December 10th and 11th Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Ballast Point Victory at Sea

What’s the holiday season without Frosty and Rudolph?! It’s nothing, I tell you! NOTHING! Ok maybe I’m being a little dramatic but I just love these classics so much. I can distinctly remember watching them every year with my family and I even own them on Blu Ray. Yep. So these are pretty well-known stories but I’ll still tell you all what they are all about. So Rudolph is about a young misfit reindeer whose father is embarrassed of his red nose. They try to hide it only to have Rudolph accidentally remove his false nose exposing his real nose to everyone. The reindeer are real jerks about it and tell him he can’t play in the reindeer games even though he’s the most skilled. So Rudolph sets off on his own to find other misfits, an elf who wants to be a dentist and not a toymaker, and some sort of miner or something. They discover that everyone has value and eventually Rudolph is asked by Santa (He’s a jerk in this too) to light his way and lead the sleigh. The end. 

Frosty is basically about these school children who are forced to see the worst magician ever perform during class one day. The man, after a particular bad performance, throws his “magic hat” into the trash can. The children grab it and they make a snowman and put the hat on him. He comes to life and says happy birthday for some reason. Frosty has fun until he starts to melt as the temperatures rise. So 1 of the children offers to help him get to the north pole. After many hijinks they finally get there despite being hotly pursued by the magician who wants his now-proven-to-be-magic hat back. Frosty ends up melting and the kid starts crying (touching moment) and then Santa comes and saves the day somehow. BUT YOU KNOW ALL THAT!

Now, let’s get to the beer. This beer is a coffee and vanilla porter made by one of my favorite breweries, Ballast Point. This one has very subtle hints of coffee, despite the vanilla not aiding any sort of sweetness to this beer. The bitterness is also a wholesome taste that almost comforts you as you drink it. I chose this beer because it’s a twist on your classic porter. A porter is traditionally lighter than a stout and compares better to a nutty brown ale than a dark stout. If this was a stout it would have been sweet. Instead, it was not sweet and almost tasted like a cold-brew coffee with the slightest hint of vanilla. You can still taste the nuttiness and it contributes to the almost hazelnut-like taste this beer gives off. This is one I recommend for any occasion, but sitting down and watching Rudolph and Frosty should be high on the list.

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