Day 13: 25 Days of #MerryBEERmas #CraftBeer and Movie Pairings

This one is almost a Halloween post as well. One of my favorite Halloween movies is Nightmare Before Christmas. Also, one of my favorite Christmas movies is also Nightmare Before Christmas. Because of both of those connections, I’ve chosen a sweet pumpkin beer. Enjoy!

December 13th Nightmare Before Christmas

Southern Tier Pumking

Nightmare Before Christmas is another iconic classic for me. My brother and I used to watch it every year when we were young, but we could never truly appreciate the darkness that accompanies your usual Tim Burton film. The film centers on Jack Skellington, the star of the Halloween town’s annual Halloween celebrations. Jack may be a star but feels there is something more that he should be pursuing, and after the celebration he embarks on a walk where he discovers the portals to all the different holiday towns. He is quickly sucked into one of the more intriguing ones, Christmas town, and is overwhelmingly happy about what he sees. It’s snowy, there’s a train, there’s happiness! In his own town, they centered on scary and sad subjects, like death. In Christmas town they centered on…well…Christmas. But when Jack wants to become Santa Clause for the people of Christmas town, it is a disaster. He ends up getting shot out of the sky by the police, or something, and realizing his failure. It’s like the Grinch if he tried to bring Christmas to whoville instead of take it away. Jack doesn’t truly understand Christmas; he just wants to be the bringer. He finally realizes and saves the real Santa from the certain death he bestowed upon him.

I chose a Halloween-esque beer for this movie. Pumking is a wonderfully crafted ale with a strong pumpkin flavor that pounds you right in the mouth. This beer can effectively be considered the Halloween counterpart to Crème Brulee and they almost compare very closely to each other. There is a slight golden head, a strong scent of pumpkin spice, a thick consistency, and a great finish that can tend to overpower people who are not huge pumpkin beer fans. This beer reminds me of a bowl of caramel popcorn and it has that nuttiness that you would get from the corn. I picked this beer because of the fact that it tastes like a pumpkin pie in a glass, which makes me think of Christmas. But one of the more obvious reasons I chose this beer is because the name of it is Pumking. Jack Skellington is the Pumpkin King in Halloween town. That makes perfect sense, right? You can find this beer at HEB sometimes or Specs downtown on Smith Street in Houston all the time. This beer is tough to find sometimes but when you find one, make sure you get it. It’s worth the experience.

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