Star Wars: Episode VIII Release Date Pushed Back

Disney announced today that they have pushed back Rian Johnson’s yet to be titled upcoming Star Wars: Episode VIII from May 2017 to December of that year.

Reports had surfaced of Rian Johnson needing to refine the script further and needing more time, not unlike what JJ Abrams needed, but I personally didn’t think it would push the movie back.┬áIf this worries you, don’t let it. Originally, JJ Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens was slated to release in May of 2015, and was pushed back to December as well, and look how it turned out (It turned out awesome).

While it is disappointing, to say the least, it gives them more time to make a great movie and to refine the script. I’m glad they’re not just saying, “Oh well,” and going for May anyways. Johnson clearly isn’t completely happy with the script yet and he will now have more time to work on it.

In terms of box office effect, this is only a good thing. Summer movies tend to not get the type of box office numbers that a December movie does because more movies release in the Summer. However, unlike The Force Awakens, Star Wars will have a movie to go up against. Avatar 2, the sequel to the highest wordwide grossing film in history, also releases in December of 2017.

Don’t worry about this movie just yet.


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