9th Day of Merry #Beermas Movie Pairings

Hey everybody! We’re getting down to the home stretch! Let’s do this!!!

The Grinch (Live Action)

7f9538134ba2efde7727edbd348892cdI love this movie. I don’t think there could be a better full length adaptation of this than this, and I also don’t think anybody other than Jim Carey could have successfully played the Grinch so convincingly. He transforms. I think he is both funny and believable in the role.

Watch it.

Boulevard Nutcrackerboulevard-nut-cracker-ale1


I was originally going to pick an IPA but I found the perfect one to pair it with instead. Nutcracker is a hoppy Christmas ale, meaning it is bitter but has holiday spices added to make it mellow out a bit. I literally just had this for the first time 30 minutes ago and loved it and had to pair it with this movie.

The hoppiness represents the Grinch’s attitude the whole movie up until the end. However, sprinkled throughout the film is a bit of Christmas cheer, just like the Christmas spices present in the beer.


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6th Day of Merry #Beermas Movie Pairings

2 posts? Make it 3. I’m not driving. What’s up, everyone? I’m here again for another Merry Beermas post for you all and if you read my last one you can maybe guess where I’m going with this one…

Home Alone 2

1975_5You knew it. You just knew it. I can be predictable at times but that’s okay. This is the movie where the Evil Clown is trying to stop the Party Monster from staying in his hotel while Vinny Gambini and Brickma are getting their revenge. Right? Wait…I may have mixed some things up. Well, if you’ve seen the first movie you know the plot of this one, but let’s review. Kevin goes to NYC instead of Miami with his family, stays in the Plaza Hotel, goes to his aunt and uncle’s house where Harry and Marv arrive and he attempts to murder them in horrible ways.

St. Arnold Sailing Santa

beer-chronicle-houston-craft-beer-sailing-santa-saint-arnold-700x376I had to think of a two-parter for this one because I am devoted to delivering #premium #content or something like that. But I do love Sailing Santa. Just as Home Alone 2 was the sequel to Home Alone, Sailing Santa is somewhat of a sequel to Christmas Ale. Sailing Santa is an equal blending of both St. Arnold Christmas Ale and St. Arnold Elissa IPA. This one basically adds a bit of bitterness to a spicy, malty beer and is somewhat difficult to describe. This one is also available pretty easily in the Houston market and comes in a bomber.

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1st Day of #Beermas Movie Pairing

Hey guys! It’s been crazy this year and haven’t gotten around to writing much or even seeing many films, unfortunately. But I’m back!

I did a series last holiday season with the 25 beer/movie pairings for the Christmas season. It did not last because 25 is waaaaaaaay too many.┬áThis year I, instead, decided to narrow it to 12! So without further adieu, my first beer pairing is…

Charlie Brown Christmas


Sure this seems like a copout. Is it a movie? Debatable. But is it awesome? You bet your last nickel it is. Charlie Brown’s Christmas special is an iconic piece of television that generations have enjoyed. Sure, it hasn’t aged all that well in terms of content (metal trees?!) but we have continue to love its 60’s charm every holiday season. It is a sweet classic!

Which brings me to another sweet classic…

Bourbon County Stout


For many, the beer drinkers bourbon barrel stout, the Bourbon County Stout from Goose Island is a beer sought after on Black Friday every year, which adds to its Christmas relevance. Sure, it’s a product of inBev, but we can overlook that for now. You may be asking yourself, “A stout? For Charlie Brown?” Yes. A stout. For Charlie Brown. This is not any ordinary stout. It is a sipper to drink while sitting by the fireside and it has a very high sugar content which is one of many reasons why it is so alcoholic. Cheers!


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s pairing!