3rd Day of #Beermas Movie Pairings

Hey everybody! Thanks for clicking this link and reading words I wrote. It means a lot. Before we go any further go follow me on twitter @CleanCutCinema and @ZachJMayer.

Let’s proceed!

Christmas Vacation

the-hardest-national-lampoons-christmas-vacation-2-12798-1417359294-5_dblbigChristmas Vacation may be my favorite Christmas movie. It is so funny, and despite not having a crazy family like the Griswolds, I oddly relate to it’s charm. One thing I love about this movie is the setting. You rarely leave the Griswold’s home and basically just follow Clark around everywhere he goes. But the movie also reminds us that sometimes family can be abrasive, but once you get used to them they can be very enjoyable, no matter the situation…

…which is a strange segue into my pairing.

Lone Pint Yellow Rose

img_20150626_144722You may look at this beer and say, “Really? That beer at Christmas time?” YES, MADE UP PERSON ASKING THINGS WHILE I’M WRITING. Yellow Rose is a Texas treasure to be enjoyed by IPA lovers everywhere…if they happen to visit North Houston. In fact, for a non-limited release beer, this one can be difficult to get your hands on. Yellow Rose has hoppy bitterness that some detest (and I love). But once you crack one open and start enjoying it, the citrusy grapefruit taste you get from the hops will leave you wanting 17.5 more. Hoppiness = abrasive. Citrusy = enjoyable. My English teachers would be so proud of me. And also maybe the opposite.

I hope you enjoyed it! Stay tuned tomorrow for day 4! Till next time…





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