4th Day of #Beermas Movie Pairings

It’s day 4! Only 8 days left in this series. Check me out on twitter and instagram @ZachjMayer and the blog on twitter @CleanCutCinema.

I have chosen my 1 allotted Star Wars movie and it’s a good one. And I have my reasons. So here we go…

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

star-wars-the-force-awakens-2015-after-credits-hqI. Love. This. Movie. Nothing in terms of a film (ahem, Kyle) will come close to my anticipation and excitement for The Force Awakens coming out in theaters. I hadn’t seen a new Star Wars movie since I was in middle school. This movie delivered in so many ways. If you have never watched a Star Wars movie, I suggest you start with this one. It’s the most recent, and most accessible one. I picked this movie because it came out at Christmas and it has snow (sue me). I love this movie.

Southern Tier Creme Brulee

creme-brulee-stout-southern-tier-e1431201421620This is an old favorite of mine and I am actually drinking it for the first time since last year…while watching the Force Awakens. It is rich, extremely dark, creamy, sweet, and vanilla…y. Delicious. It’s a bomber and as I mentioned, rich, so you may want to share this one as opposed to doing what I’m doing and drinking an entire one yourself but hey…I’m not driving anywhere tonight. This beer is straight outta the dark side!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s #beermas movie pairing and share this post with your friends.

Until next time!


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