5th Day of Merry #Beermas Movie Pairings

Ladies and gentlemen, Rogue One has stolen my weekend. And I’m sorry, not sorry. Go see it! I have 3 excellent pairings on tap for you today, so get excited.

Home Alone

home-aloneWho doesn’t love this movie? I watch Home Alone every single year without fail! Criminals played by Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci jumping on ornaments, getting hit in the face with paint cans, and flattened by tool chests? Yes please. Any movie that makes my dad laugh so hard he can hardly breathe is a good one in my book.

And while enjoying this Christmas movie, crack open a bottle of…

img_38611St. Arnold Christmas Ale

Another classic of the Christmas genre, Christmas ale has the perfect blend of spices to give you that Christmas-y feeling. A very approachable beer, this one is malty and creamy, but I wouldn’t call it sweet; think cloves or cinnamon.

This beer is also extremely ‘gettable’ in the Houston area for when you inevitable spit it out while laughing at Home Alone.

Enjoying Merry #Beermas? Comment and let me know! Also follow me on twitter @ZachJMayer and the blog @CleanCutCinema!


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