7th Day of Merry #Beermas Movie Pairings

How are you? Are you well? Good to hear. Well, I did Home Alone and Home Alone 2 so there’s only 1 way I can go after those two, right?

A Christmas Carol (2009)

chistmascarol2009-posterFOOLED YOU!┬áThere were a lot of critics of this rendition of A Christmas Carol but I loved it when I saw it and still do. This one actually took the original dialogue written by Dickens and made it fun and engaging, to me. This was the first version that was mostly authentic that I actually enjoyed. Is there a weird rollercoaster part that goes on way too long? Sure. Are there the typical tropes of 3D tricks (poking things at the camera)? Sure. But I think Jim Carey did a great job as Scrooge. Also, it’s got Gary Oldman, along with every other movie made since 2009. And Colin Firth. COME AT ME, CRITICS!


Anchor Christmas Ale

Anchor is one of the most historic breweries in the country and even the world, just like A Christmas Carol. There was no other beer I considered pairing with this movie other than Anchor Christmas Ale. Christmas Ale has a spicy maltiness you usually get from a Christmas ale. Is it the best one out there? No. Is it still great in its own right? Absolutely. This brewery is an institution that actually was founded only 26 years after Charles Dickens died, which is crazy. Go try some. You can even get the largest beer bottle of all time!

Thanks for reading all 17,000 posts I’ve written in the past couple hours. Stay tuned for more!!


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