8th Day of Merry #Beermas Movie Pairings

Woo! I am back, and sore thanks to Bekah’s insane workout. You should check it out! I can’t walk right now but I’m going to get yoked (jacked). Alright. Let’s get to it.

A Claymation Christmas (1987)

a-claymation-christmas-celebration-posterI don’t know how many people have actually seen this but this has been a staple in my house as long as I can remember. We have a VHS with the cartoon Grinch, this, Charlie Brown’s Christmas, and Garfield’s Christmas, which was apparently packaged with this special. This one consisted of the California Raisins, bells who play themselves, a theme of African American culture, ice dancing walruses, and singing Camels. Talk about amazing. One of my favorite lines, “Here we come a waddling…”

Southern Star Buried Hatchet Stout

beer_buried-hatchetThis one is amazing. Southern Star Buried Hatchet is a great beer that not a ton of people have had, but the ones who have love it…sorta like the Claymation Christmas special. This beer has a chocolate taste to it without there having been any chocolate added, to my knowledge.

If you can find this beer on draft in nitro form, that’s 100% the way to go.


What do you think of this pairing? Had this beer? Comment and let me know what you thought of it. Follow me on twitter and Instagram at @ZachJMayer. Till next time, adieu!


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