Day 2: 25 Days of #MerryBEERmas Movie Pairings

Day 2 of 25 day of #MerryBEERmas! I gotta tell ya, we’re excited to bring this to y’all. Beer is one of our favorite things [go workout!] and so is CHRISTMAS. This movie and beer pairing isn’t exactly representing the Christmas spirit, but you just can’t beat the scene with snow [wink wink]. We hope you enjoy this duo, and come back for more!

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25 Days of #MerryBEERmas Movie Pairings

Welcome back to #BrewsdayTuesday! We’ve been gone for a while, but we’re working on some exciting things for the new year! This past weekend while drinking lots of amazing beer with family, it suddenly struck Bekah and me, “We needed to team up our blogs to do a list of beers for the holidays for Bombshells and Brews and Clean Cut Cinema .” I got to thinking about it and decided I would compile a list of holiday, wintery, or just plain awesome movies during which to enjoy these beers. Here is the first entry in our new series, #MerryBEERmas movie pairings. Continue reading